All buyers who purchases products on 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 (so called members) have to make sure he/she is well-acknowledged the following member purchasing terms. The contract terms explain the authorities and obligations of membership between 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 and its members. Before 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 members confirm their purchasing items, members must have read through this agreement already. Once purchasing contract is signed, all 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 members are regarded as they read the terms carefully and deeply, and they understand and agreed all the terms.

  • It is free to register as a 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 member.
  • In order to protect your authority, please fulfill required information as detailed as possible to protect members' consumer rights.
  • All members agree 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 collects and gives members' data to manufacturers, logistics companies and judicial organizations for the purposes of obtaining and shipping goods, also providing information in order to accomplish the requirement of law. 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 will not sell, disclose, or provide the personal information of our clients to others. Other websites, which is attached on 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』, doesn't represent 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』; therefore, 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 does not have the responsibility for that. Members should think carefully before signing anything.
  • 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 has the authority to refuse or cancel members' account once we find out the issues like pirates others' identity or incorrect personal information. 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 online has the right to accuse or ask for reparation from whoever causes the damage of network operational security or any loss.
  • Members have the responsibility for looking after their personal information, such as addresses, credit card numbers, account numbers and passwords. Whoever signs in on 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』, we would automatically consider it as the behavior of our member.
  • Any information on 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 is legally owned and regarded as the property of 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』. It is prohibited for anyone who tries to copy, transfer, spread, sale, invade, damage or disturb the 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 website, unless he/she gets the permit from 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』. Whoever breaks the terms will be faced legislative trial and be asked for compensation.
  • 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 remains the right revise the terms of service. Revised terms would be announced on 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』, instead of notifying individually. Members ought to agree and obey the revised terms.
  • The members of 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 have to agree to obey the terms of service and regulations. When the content is changed, members have the responsibility to agree to comply with revised terms or regulations. The un-promised content shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (R.O.C). In the event of dispute, Taiwan Taipei District Court will be the court of first instance.
  • Generally, all products would be shipped to appointed place within 7 days (Taiwan only); however, 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 remains the right of adjusting the length of delivery days with the following scenarios.
    • All the actions of arranging goods will be executed when 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 receives the payment. The payment transaction via online card processing service takes time to transact the money; thus, 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 wouldn't start preparing until receives the payment.
    • During the weekends or holidays, it is highly possible that 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 would extend the length of delivery days.
    • When the natural disasters or any other accidents cause the delay of the goods; it isn't the fault of 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 for postponing the delivery date.
    • During any pre-order activity, if the manufacturer couldn't offer the items in time, 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 could extend the length of delivery days, inform members as soon as possible and will assist members the subsequent issues.
  • 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 members will pass through shopping; confirm purchasing items, selecting payment terms, then confirm the order content again (Please see the “chapter of purchasing process.”). After members affirm and send out the payment, 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 will send out a confirmation to members' email box in the shortest time once 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 receives the notification of completed order.
  • 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 has the authorities to accept or cancel members' order and will inform members as soon as possible. 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 members should make sure their profiles are the latest. 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 members shall log in 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 to renew their data whenever they make changes. 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 members can not cancel or refuse to finish the business with the reason of incorrect data.
  • 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 will release new products' information, promoting news, EDM and online news occasionally.
  • Members have the authorities to participate in any promotion activities held by 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』.
  • 『NORTHEAST Airsoft』 appreciates for your cooperation. We wish you have a fantastic shopping experience.