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STEN Gun GBB, MK.2(S), Skeleton Stock

Prod No. NE-SMG-04

This is the STEN MK.2(S) airsoft replica, the most widely used suppressed submachine gun in last century, before MP5 SD. From british commando's special operations in Scandinavia in the '40s to SOG secret mission in Cambodia border in the late '60s. And even more, it was also operated with Taiwanese frogmen in the '80s. It is regarded as an icon of old school special operation in some aspects.

USD $437

STEN Gun, Mk.2, Late

Prod No. NE-SMG-03

STEN Gun GBB, the late version is attempting to rebuild a scenario that this gun was made for operating in west European theatre after/ in Normandy landing.

USD $340

STEN Gun, Mk.2, Early

Prod No. NE-SMG-001

The first general issue STEN Mk.2, the one that Churchill tested fire.

USD $340