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NORTHEAST Airsoft - Rider6 Mock Suppressor FDE
Barrel Extensions
Rider6 Mock Suppressor FDE
USD 49
  • NE-SUP-002
  • Accessories / Barrel Extensions
  • Weight 0.2 kg / Volumetric Weight 64 cm3
  • MATERIAL:Aluminum
  • UNIT:pcs
Realistic mock barrel extension / silencer replica, based on the massively exposed among the social media in real steel society. Filling with sponges to reduce the muzzle noise, they also can be removed under local regulation.

In order to minimize the affection on shooting performance of the airsoft GBB pistol, we adopted CNC machined light weight aluminum material to achieve the goal of 120 grams.
14mm CCW Thread
NORTHEAST Airsoft - Rider6 Mock Suppressor FDE